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(1) Permitted Uses. Unless listed in subsection (2) below as a conditional use or in subsection (3) below as a prohibited use, the following uses are permitted in the S-WS Walnut Station Special Area Zone, subject to applicable development standards:

(a) Any uses listed under the Residential or Lodging use categories on Table 9.2740 Residential Zone Land Uses and Permit Requirements;

(b) Any uses listed under any use category on Table 9.2160 Commercial Zone Land Uses and Permit Requirements except that Manufacturing uses are limited to those allowed in the C-2 and C-3 zones.

The permit requirements of Tables 9.2740 and 9.2160 are not applicable.

(2) Conditional Uses. The following uses are subject to a conditional use permit as per EC 9.8075 through EC 9.8113:

(a) Agricultural Machinery Rental

(b) Heavy Equipment Sales

(c) Hospital

(d) Indoor Arena

(e) Manufactured Dwelling Sales

(f) RV and Heavy Truck Sales

(g) Train station

(3) Prohibited Uses. The following uses are prohibited:

(a) Amusement Center, including Casinos, greater than 25,000 square feet

(b) Cemeteries

(c) Correctional facility, excluding residential treatment facilities

(d) Indoor firing ranges

(e) Kennels used for overnight animal boarding

(f) Nuclear reactors

(g) Recreational vehicle parks

(h) Recycling centers or transfer stations with the exception of small recycling centers as defined in section EC 9.0500 of this code.

(Section 9.3965 added by Ordinance No. 20460, enacted July 12, 2010, effective August 14, 2010; administratively corrected January 7, 2016.)