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(1) Prohibited Uses.

(a) Structured parking.

(b) Broadcasting studios including commercial and public education.

(c) University and college dormitories.

(d) Fraternities and sororities.

(e) Hospitals.

(f) Retail use requiring a Transportation Impact Analysis.

(g) Manufacturing and assembly uses.

(h) Arenas.

(i) Heliports and helistops.

(j) Recycling and large collection facilities.

(k) Recycling scrap and dismantling yards.

(l) Race tracks, including drag strips and go-cart tracks.

(m) Sewage treatment plants.

(n) Correctional facilities.

(o) Parking lots exceeding 100 spaces.

(p) Service stations.

(q) Mineral resource mining.

(r) Blood banks.

(s) Plasma centers.

(2) Special Use Limitations. Within the /EC East Campus Overlay Zone, camping is permitted for a maximum of 2 continuous days only when directly tied to a special event permit held for the location of the camping site. A special event permit approving camping is required by the City to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

(Section 9.4215 added by Ordinance No. 20312, enacted March 8, 2004, effective April 7, 2004.)