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(1) The maximum permitted height is 70 feet measured from the ground directly below the structure’s base, unless a variance is approved.

(2) The minimum setback from all property lines to the structure’s base is at least 1 foot for every 3 feet of height, unless a variance is approved. (For example, an antenna structure 70 feet in height would need to be set back a minimum of 23 feet from all adjacent property lines.) This standard shall not apply to antenna structures that extend a maximum of 18 feet above the height of the main house or building, whether the antenna structure is attached to it or freestanding.

(3) Parts and assembly shall be in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications or those of an engineer licensed by the State of Oregon.

(4) The antenna structure shall be adequately grounded as required by specialty codes adopted pursuant to Chapter 8 of this code.

(5) Structures and related guy wires and ground anchors shall comply with setback standards of the zone in which they are located.

(6) Unless a conditional use permit is approved, the antenna structure shall be accessory to the main use of the property on which it is located.

(7) Whether the antenna is attached to another structure or building, or is free-standing, a development permit shall be obtained prior to installation. Documentation may be required that verifies compliance with applicable codes and standards.

(8) The antenna structure shall be in compliance with other applicable standards of the zone wherein it will be located.

(Section 9.5050, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)