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(1) Applicability. Special event parking provisions shall be applied only to parking lots in the PL Public Land zone with 1000 or more spaces on which special events such as fairs, equipment displays, and community festivals are regularly scheduled.

(2) Professional Coordinator and Design Team. A professional coordinator, licensed in the State of Oregon, to practice architecture, landscape architecture or engineering, or an American Institute of Certified Planners member in good standing shall ensure that required plans are prepared and executed. The professional coordinator shall also be the liaison between the applicant and the city. A design team, consisting of an architect, a landscape architect, an engineer, and a land surveyor, shall be designated by the professional coordinator to prepare appropriate plans. Each team member shall be licensed to practice in the State of Oregon.

(3) Allowed Adjustment to Parking Lot Design and Landscaping Standards. Except as otherwise stated in these regulations, general parking area screening and landscape standards, and site planning provisions pertaining to pedestrian circulation, sidewalk design, height of light standards, minimum number of trees, parking area entrance driveways, visual breaks, loading and delivery areas, minimum interior parking area landscaping, interior area landscape strips, and planting islands locations and sizes may be adjusted subject to a finding of consistency with the criteria for adjustment of EC 9.8030(10)(d) of this land use code.

(4) Pedestrian Path Design. Routes to and through parking lots shall be clearly established by striping or shall be constructed with a different paving material to reduce conflict between pedestrians and auto traffic, and to designate motor vehicle routes.

(5) Parking Lot Lights. Parking lot lights shall conform to the standards in EC 9.6725 Outdoor Lighting Standards.

(6) Minimum Number of Trees. Trees shall be provided on the development site in the amounts described in EC 9.6420, but need not be evenly distributed throughout the parking area.

(Section 9.6435, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; amended by Ordinance No. 20699, enacted November 13, 2023, effective December 31, 2023.)