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The general office sign standards are hereby created and applied to all land as set forth below. Signs are regulated to accommodate the office buildings and other public uses that are commonly located within these zones and because of the proximity of residential areas.

(1) Corresponding Zones. The provisions of this section apply to all property located within the following zones: GO and PL.

(2) Permitted Sign Types. Signs allowed under general office sign standards shall be limited to the following types:

(a) Awning signs;

(b) Digital signs;

(c) Electronic message centers;

(d) Freestanding signs;

(e) Marquee signs;

(f) Readerboards;

(g) Under-marquee signs; and

(h) Wall signs.

(3) Maximum Number of Signs. The number of signs the general office sign standards allow shall be based on the number of street frontages and shall be limited to no more than the following amounts for each street frontage:

(a) One freestanding sign per occupied building;

(b) One under-marquee sign per business occupant; and

(c) One awning, marquee or wall sign per business occupant.

(4) Maximum Sign Area. In addition to all other standards, the general office sign standards shall apply the following size limitations:

(a) A freestanding sign shall be no more than 32 square feet for 1 face and 64 square feet for 2 or more faces.

(b) The sum of the area of all wall signs, marquee signs and awning signs on any wall where the general office sign standards apply shall be limited to 0.5 square feet times the length of the perimeter wall upon which the signs are located.

(c) No awning, marquee, under-marquee, or wall sign may exceed 100 square feet per face.

(5) Maximum Height. A freestanding sign shall be no more than 8 feet in height.

(Section 9.6655, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; and amended by Ordinance No. 20642, enacted October 12, 2020, effective November 20, 2020.)