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(1) Official Notice.

(a) The hearings body may take official notice of the following:

1. All facts which are judicially noticeable.

2. All public records of the city.

3. The charter, ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations, and officially promulgated policies of the city.

(b) Matters officially noticed need not be established by evidence and may be considered by the hearings body in the determination of the proposal.

(2) Record of Proceedings.

(a) An adequate record of the hearing shall be prepared in accordance with section 2.007(7) of this code, as applicable. To assist in the preparation of the record, the proceedings may be stenographically or electronically recorded, but the record need not set forth evidence verbatim.

(b) Where practicable, the presiding officer shall cause all presented physical and documentary evidence to be marked to show the identity of the person offering the evidence and to indicate whether it is presented on behalf of the proponent or an opponent.

(c) Any member of the public shall have access to the record of the proceedings at reasonable times and places. Members of the public shall be entitled to obtain copies of the record at their own expense.

(Section 9.7095, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)