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(1) Only written evidence and argument will be accepted.

(2) The hearings official may use any appeal procedure that is consistent with the interests of the parties and will ensure a fair opportunity to present information and argument.

(3) The hearings official shall provide the city an opportunity to explain the planning director’s decision, but the hearings official is not limited to reviewing the planning director’s decision and may consider information not presented to the planning director.

(4) A person or organization that provided written comments to the planning director prior to the close of the public comment period identified in EC 9.7910, but did not file an appeal within the time set by EC 9.7640, may participate in the appeal only with respect to the issues raised in the written comments submitted to the planning director by that person or organization.

(Section 9.7642 added by Ordinance No. 20667, enacted May 24, 2022.)