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The city council shall approve, modify and approve, or deny a proposed annexation based on the application’s consistency with the following:

(1) The land proposed to be annexed is within the city’s urban growth boundary and is:

(a) Contiguous to the city limits; or

(b) Separated from the city only by a public right of way or a stream, bay, lake or other body of water.

(2) The proposed annexation is consistent with applicable policies in the Metro Plan and in any applicable refinement plans.

(3) The proposed annexation will result in a boundary in which the minimum level of key urban facilities and services, as defined in the Metro Plan, can be provided in an orderly, efficient, and timely manner.

(Section 9.7825 repealed and replaced by Ordinance No. 20400, enacted December 10, 2007, effective January 1, 2008.)