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The documents listed in the following Table 9.8010, including any adopted amendments, are the currently effective adopted plans that may be applicable to a particular land use application. The plans and adopted policies are more particularly set forth beginning at EC 9.9500, and the boundaries for each are depicted on Map 9.8010, Adopted Plans.

Table 9.8010 List of Adopted Plans

Bethel-Danebo Refinement Plan (Phase II)

River Road-Santa Clara Urban Facilities Plan

Bethel-Danebo Refinement Plan

Riverfront Park Study

Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan

South Hills Study

Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan

South Willamette Subarea Study

Eugene Downtown Plan

TransPlan (Metro Area Transportation Plan)

Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan)

Walnut Station Specific Area Plan

Eugene 2035 Transportation System Plan

West University Refinement Plan

Fairmount/U of O Special Area Study

Westside Neighborhood Plan

Jefferson/Far West Refinement Plan

Whiteaker Plan

Laurel Hill Neighborhood Plan

Willakenzie Area Plan

19th and Agate Special Area Study

Willow Creek Special Area Study

(Section 9.8010, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; amended by Ordinance No. 20353, enacted November 28, 2005, effective January 1, 2006; Ordinance No. 20362, enacted February 13, 2006, effective March 17, 2006; Ordinance No. 20460, enacted July 12, 2010, effective August 14, 2010; Ordinance No. 20513, enacted July 8, 2013, effective August 9, 2013; Ordinance No. 20528, enacted May 14, 2014, effective June 23, 2014; Ordinance No. 20582 enacted June 26, 2017, effective July 31, 2017; Ordinance No. 20584, enacted July 17, 2017, effective August 24, 2017; and by Ordinance No. 20619, enacted July 22, 2019, effective August 25, 2019.)