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All historic property applications shall be submitted on a form approved by the city manager and in the manner provided in EC 9.7000 through EC 9.7030, and shall also comply with the following additional requirements for historic property applications:

(1) Historic Landmark Designation. The historic landmark designation follows a Type III process and may be initiated by the property owner, planning director, or city council.

(2) Historic Landmark – Removal of Designation. The property owner of a historic landmark or the planning director may initiate the process to remove historic landmark designation. Removal applications shall follow a Type I process.

(3) Historic Property Demolition. A pre-application conference is required prior to submittal of a historic property demolition application. The demolition application shall follow a Type II application process (EC 9.7010 Application Filing). In order for the city to determine that a historic property demolition application is complete, the owner shall establish that within the previous year the owner has solicited purchase offers for the historic property by giving notice of sale of the property as follows:

(a) Listing the property for sale in both The Register Guard and Oregonian at least six times and at regular intervals;

(b) Posting and maintaining visible for sale sign(s) on the property as specified by the planning director; and

(c) Making a financial prospectus on the status of the property available to interested parties.

As part of the historic property demolition application, the applicant shall prepare and submit a historic property mitigation report.

(Section 9.8160, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)