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In addition to the partition and subdivision requirements contained in this land use code, the following specific platting standards may also apply to partition and subdivision applications that include lots or parcels designated as conservation parcels and lots or parcels located adjacent to a railroad right-of-way:

(1) Conservation Land Divisions. Conservation land divisions are intended to facilitate the sale or donation of valuable natural resource areas to public or non-profit agencies for long-term protection and management by dividing conservation areas and remaining areas into separate parcels.

(a) Conservation parcels are those set aside and managed to conserve natural resource values including the following:

1. Wildlife habitat.

2. Ecological significance.

3. Rare or endangered species.

4. Water quality.

5. Flood storage and control.

Conservation parcels are primarily undeveloped and natural, and shall have no minimum standards for lot area, frontage, width or depth.

(b) Remainder parcels are those parcels that are not being protected for natural resource values. Remainder parcels may be developed, partly developed, or undeveloped. The planning director may authorize exceptions to the minimum platting standards for lot area, lot frontage, lot width, and lot depth for remainder parcels provided the following standards are met:

1. At least one of the lots created must be a conservation parcel and must be rezoned to NR Natural Resource zone prior to or concurrent with land division.

2. The number of remainder parcels created must be the least number that will accomplish the purpose of the conservation land division.

3. Exceptions to minimum lot and parcel platting standards will not be allowed on residentially zoned remainder parcels.

4. Exceptions to minimum lot and parcel platting standards for remainder parcels in agricultural, commercial and employment and industrial zones will be no more than the minimum needed to accomplish the purpose of the conservation land division.

(c) The city shall keep records of approved remainder parcels to ensure that zoning reviews on future development permit applications are consistent with that approval.

(2) Platting Standards – Railroads.

(a) In accordance with the purpose of EC 9.8400 Purpose of Property Line Adjustments, special requirements may be imposed by the planning director in connection with railroad crossings including, but not limited to, provisions for separation of street and railroad grades, if necessary for the safety of the residents of the partition or subdivision and of the general public.

(b) Where the partition or subdivision is adjacent to a railroad right-of-way, and the surrounding economic and physical conditions indicate the property will be used for employment and industrial purposes, all streets shall be located at a sufficient distance from the right-of-way to allow for reasonable sites for employment and industrial use adjacent to the right-of-way.

(Section 9.8575, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; amended by Ordinance No. 20528, enacted May 14, 2014, effective June 23, 2014.)