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(1) The vacation process applies to recorded undeveloped subdivision and partition plats and to public ways and public easements under the jurisdiction of the city.

(2) The city’s vacation process does not apply to lands over which Lane County or the state have jurisdiction such as unannexed plats or public ways within the Urban Growth Boundary, or county roads and state highways within the corporate limits of the city where jurisdiction has not been transferred to the city.

(3) Vacation of public ways and public easements may be applied for by private citizens, public agencies, or the city council in accordance with EC 9.7000 through 9.7925 Application Procedures.

(Section 9.8705, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; amended by Ordinance No. 20569, enacted November 14, 2016, effective December 17, 2016; Ordinance No. 20667, enacted May 24, 2022, effective June 25, 2022.)