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(1) Concurrent Review. Zone change applications may be reviewed concurrently with certain other land use applications, but only as provided in EC 9.8005 Applicability and Effect of Application Requirements, Criteria, and Concurrent Review and in EC 9.8855 Applicability.

(2) Overlay Zones. EC 9.1040 Establishment and List of Overlay Zones establishes overlay zones that supplement the base zone regulations. Changes in zoning can include the designation of an overlay zone in addition to the base zone. While some of these overlay zones have been applied to a specific geographic area through a land use code amendment, other overlay zones are applied on a case by case basis. In these cases, the overlay zone can be applied in response to adopted plan policies or where the use of the overlay zone is necessary to address future development considerations.

(Section 9.8860, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)