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(1) Incorporate the beneficial functions (flood control, stormwater conveyance, water quality treatment) of natural resources into the city’s storm drainage system. (Policy 1.1)

(2) Maintain flood control, drainage, and water quality treatment capacities along the city’s stormwater conveyance corridors while protecting and enhancing the health, diversity and continuity for wildlife habitat, native vegetation, and endangered species. (Policy 1.2)

(3) Balance the operational needs of managing natural resource and wildlife habitat areas against any associated nuisance conditions that may result. (Policy 1.6)

(4) Evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of a variety of surface water management facilities for meeting the multiple objectives of this plan. (Policy 1.8)

(5) Meet or exceed federal flood hazard requirements. (Policy 2.1)

(6) Protect adjoining land uses from flood and drainage hazards. (Policy 2.2)

(7) Maximize the capacity of existing stormwater facilities especially where deficiencies exist by encouraging the use of techniques that lower and slow the rate of stormwater runoff. (Policy 2.3)

(8) Meet or exceed federal and state stormwater quality requirements especially where they conform with existing local policy. (Policy 3.1)

(9) Reduce stormwater pollution associated with new construction and development, soil erosion, improper use of stormwater facilities, and city operations and maintenance practices. (Policy 3.3)

(10) Evaluate the effectiveness of stormwater quality management measures. (Policy 3.4)

(11) Maintain the stormwater system through techniques and practices that balance flood control, drainage services, water quality, and natural resource protection needs. (Policy 4.1)

(Section 9.9520, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)