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(1) Land Use. Development standards within the SD, Special Development District, applied to the Riverfront Park, shall be designed to:

(a) Provide for intensity of development while recognizing the environmental and open-space attributes and requirements of the area.

(b) Recognize that proximity to alternate transportation facilities may provide opportunities to reduce parking requirements for certain industrial uses.

(c) Provide for signing standards consistent with the purpose of the district.

(d) Allow for a mixture of uses in the SD, Special Development District.

(e) Ensure that development in the Riverfront Park is primarily related to University activities and programs.

(2) Transportation.

(a) The City, if possible in conjunction with a developer, shall work with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Southern Pacific Railroad to increase the number of points of access to undeveloped property within the Riverfront Park Study area. (Policy 1)

(b) The City shall work with the Lane Transit District, the University of Oregon, and employers in the Riverfront area to maximize the use of alternative modes or transportation. Facilities and programs will be developed to work toward the goal of accommodating a substantial number of the trips made to new development within the Riverfront Park Study area through modes other than the single-occupancy automobile. (Policy 2)

(c) The City shall use its Capital Improvement Programming process to identify projects, their implementation schedules, and anticipated funding sources needed to provide transportation facilities to service development in the Riverfront Study Area. Special efforts shall be made to secure non-City funding for capital improvements whenever possible. (Policy 3)

(d) The City shall pursue construction of projects intended, by design and timing, to avoid Level of Service ‘E’ in the Franklin Boulevard corridor. (Policy 4)

(e) The City shall encourage the University of Oregon, Lane County, and the Oregon Department of Transportation to participate financially in transportation improvements involved in the Riverfront Park Development area. (Policy 6)

(f) The City, in cooperation with the University and developers, shall develop a plan for a comprehensive bicycle path network for the Riverfront Study area including: 1) the South Bank Bike Trail; 2) the Mill Race Bike Path (included in the Eugene Bikeways Master Plan); and 3) new paths providing access between Franklin Boulevard and the south Bank Trail and to destinations within the study area. (Policy 7)

(Section 9.9620, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)