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(1) Rezone the lot on the east side of Willamette, south of 24th Place from C-2 to General Office, to support the transition from residential north of 24th Place to commercial south of the subject lot.

(2) The southeast corner of the block between 18th and 19th, Oak and Willamette is currently zoned R-3 and occupied with low-density residential uses. This four lot area faces residential development across Oak Street and across 19th Avenue. The uses on the remainder of the block are office or commercial but are oriented toward Willamette or 18th Avenue. This study recommends that the Metro Plan be refined to support the continuation of medium-density zoning as an appropriate use for these parcels. Additionally, traffic projections for a two-way Willamette Street indicate a 3000 vehicle decrease on Oak between 18th and 20th, which also supports the continuation of the integrity of residential uses in the area.

(3) The School District-owned Civic Stadium and bus garage property is appropriately designated for medium density residential development on the Metro Plan Diagram, but should remain zoned Public Land as long as the Civic Stadium use remains.

(4) Commercial or office zoning along Willamette between 19th and 24th Place should not be expanded. The area should appropriately remain in residential uses as it is designated in the Metro Plan Diagram. The traffic volumes projected for a two-way Willamette in this section are approximately 12,000 vehicles per day, an increase of 4,400. This level of traffic is lower than several other arterial streets which are primarily residential: 18th Avenue, 11th Avenue between downtown and Garfield Street, and Patterson south of 24th. Staff feels that the projected increase in traffic volumes does not support the conversion of residential to office or commercial uses.

(5) In recognition of existing mix of low, medium and high density residential uses and the current zoning on the west side of Willamette between 19th Avenue and 24th Place, this study recommends that the Metro Plan diagram be refined to reflect a high density residential designation on parcels currently zoned R-3 in the area.

(6) The zoning and planned use designations for the remainder of the study area should remain as is. In particular, the area on the east side of Willamette Street between 19th and the Civic Stadium property is an appropriate area for medium density residential development. The area on the east side of Willamette between 19th and 18th is appropriately designated and zoned as commercial.

(Section 9.9640, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)