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(1) Land Use Element.

(a) Prevent erosion of the neighborhood’s residential character. (Policy 1)

(b) Support improving existing housing and reducing the number of substandard units. (Policy 2)

(c) Encourage the concentration of commercial activities within the core of downtown and prevent the conversion of residentially zoned properties to non-residential zoning districts within the Westside Neighborhood. (Policy 3)

(d) Recognize the important role neighborhood-oriented commercial uses play in meeting the needs of those living and working in the area. (Policy 5)

(2) Land Use Element – Central Residential Area. The City shall encourage actions that will preserve existing residential structures, including rehabilitation, block planning, infilling, and shared housing. (Policy 2)

(3) Land Use Element – Central Residential Area.

(a) The City shall promote residential development that will provide a transition between retail and auto-oriented activities on West 7th Avenue and lower-density residential developments south of West 8th Avenue. (Policy 2)

(b) The City shall encourage alley access and parking to occur in rear yard areas with special landscaping and other amenities provided along West 8th Avenue. (Policy 4)

(4) Transportation and Traffic Element.

(a) Reduce the adverse impacts of traffic on arterial and collector streets that run through and on the edge of the Neighborhood. (Policy 2)

(b) Examine possible solutions to traffic impacts in the Westside Neighborhood by evaluating the implications of changes made both in and beyond the neighborhood. (Policy 3)

(c) Recognize the negative impacts that insufficient parking in and close to the Westside Neighborhood can have on the vitality of commercial activities and the character of residential areas within the Westside Neighborhood. (Policy 4)

(d) Improve and maintain bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the Westside Neighborhood and linking to other parts of the city. (Policy 5)

(e) Encourage Lane Transit District to continue to provide bus service in the Westside Neighborhood. (Policy 6)

(f) Recognize the importance of certain alleys for internal block circulation and access in the Westside Neighborhood. (Policy 7)

(5) Neighborhood Character and Design Element.

(a) Identify and encourage preservation of the significant cultural resources and unique features of the neighborhood including buildings, sites, structures, objects, street trees, and landscape features. (Policy 1)

(b) Promote landscaping in the public right-of-way that will 1) mitigate the adverse effects of motor vehicle traffic, 2) provide defined entrances to the neighborhood, and 3) foster the distinctiveness of various parts of the neighborhood. (Policy 2)

(Section 9.9680, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02.)