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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. No. 20625 An Ordinance Concerning Accessory Dwellings; Replacing the Term “Secondary Dwelling” with “Accessory Dwelling” Throughout the Eugene Code 1971; Making Additional Amendments to Sections 9.0500, 9.2010, 9.2011, 9.2740, 9.2741, 9.2750, 9.2751, 9.2775, 9.3060, 9.3115, 9.3125, 9.3210, 9.3215, 9.3310, 9.3510, 9.3615, 9.3625, 9.3810, 9.3811, 9.3815, 9.3910, 9.3915, 9.3970, 9.6410 and 9.8030 of That Code; and Addressing the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals’ Remand of Ordinance Nos. 20594 and 20595 1/21/2020 Codified
Ord. No. 20624 An Ordinance Concerning Single-Use Checkout Bags, Amending Sections 6.850 and 6.855 of the Eugene Code, 1971, and Repealing Sections 6.860 and 6.865 of that Code 11/25/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20623 An Ordinance Concerning Restrictions on the Use of Polystyrene Containers and Adding Sections 6.874, 6.876, and 6.878 to the Eugene Code, 1971 11/25/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20622 An Ordinance Concerning Protections for Individuals and Amending Section 2.497 of the Eugene Code, 1971 10/14/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20621 An Ordinance Amending and Codifying Permitted Overnight Sleeping Rest Stop Program Provisions, and Amending Section 4.816 of the Eugene Code, 1971 7/22/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20620 An Ordinance Extending the Term of Ordinance No. 20170 Granting to Northwest Natural Gas Company, a Corporation, a Twenty-Year Non-Exclusive Right and Franchise to Lay, Maintain and Operate Facilities in the Public Way within the City of Eugene, Oregon; and Providing for the Payment of Compensation to the City 7/22/2019 Special
Ord. No. 20619 An Ordinance Amending the Whiteaker Plan; Repealing the Eweb Downtown Riverfront Specific Area Plan; Amending Chapter 9 of the Eugene Code; Amending the Eugene Zoning Map and Overlay Zone Map; Rescinding the Willamette Greenway Permit Approved by Ordinance No. 20513 and Approving a New Willamette Greenway Permit; Approving a Tentative Subdivision; Approving a /WR Water Resources Overlay Zone Standards Review; and Providing an Effective Date 7/22/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20618 An Ordinance Concerning Persons in Charge of Planting Strips and Amending Section 7.370 of the Eugene Code, 1971 6/24/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20617 An Ordinance Vacating E. 8th Alley, Located 6/17/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20616 An Ordinance to Fund Community Safety Services with a Payroll Tax and Adding New Sections to the Eugene Code, 1971 6/10/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20615 An Ordinance Concerning Autzen Stadium and Amending Section 4.190 of the Eugene Code, 1971 5/20/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20614 An Ordinance Concerning Restrictions on the Distribution of Single-Use Serviceware, Adding Sections 6.870 and 6.872 to the Eugene Code, 1971, and Amending Section 6.990 of that Code 5/15/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20613 An Ordinance Vacating a Portion of Pearl Alley, Located Between E. 5th Alley and E. 5th Avenue, and Providing for an Immediate Effective Date. 5/13/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20612 An Ordinance Adopting Hazardous Substance User Fees for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2019, and Providing for an Immediate Effective Date. 4/15/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20611 An Ordinance Concerning Appointment of Presiding Municipal Judge and Amending Section 2.011 of the Eugene Code, 1971 4/15/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20610 An Ordinance Concerning Nuisances, Amending Sections 6.005 and 6.010 of the Eugene Code, 1971, and Adding Section 6.116 to that Code 4/8/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20609 An Ordinance Concerning Imposition of a Construction Excise Tax on Commercial and Residential Improvements and Adding Sections 3.730, 3.732, 3.734, 3.736, 3.738, 3.740, 3.742, 3.744, 3.746 and 3.748 to the Eugene Code, 1971 4/8/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20608 An Ordinance Providing for Withdrawal of Annexed Properties from the Following Special Districts: the Santa Clara Rural Fire Protection District; Santa Clara Water District; Willakenzie Rural Fire Protection District; Lane Fire Authority; River Road Park & Recreation District; and River Road Water District. 3/11/2019 Codified
Ord. No. 20607 An Ordinance Concerning System Development Charge Methodology; Amending Sections 7.710, 7.715, 7.720, 7.725, 7.730 and 7.735 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Adding Section 7.732 to that Code. 11/26/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20606 An Ordinance Extending the Term of Ordinance No. 19775 and Ordinance No. 20397 Granting to Comcast of Oregon II, Inc. a Franchise for Operation of a Cable Telecommunications System. 11/13/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20605 Ordinance Changing the Street Name of the Undeveloped Portion of Suzanne Way to Tennyson Ave 9/24/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20604 Ordinance Extending Comcast Franchise 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20603 Ordinance Concerning Downtown Core Smoking Opt In/Opt Out 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20602 Ordinance Concerning Marijuana Buffer Zone 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20601 Ordinance Vacation 5th Alley 7/23/2018 Codified