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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. No. 20603 Ordinance Concerning Downtown Core Smoking Opt In/Opt Out 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20602 Ordinance Concerning Marijuana Buffer Zone 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20601 Ordinance Vacation 5th Alley 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20600 Ordinance Concerning Gordon Hotel Roof Top Sign 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20599 Ordinance Concerning Skinner Butte Height Limitations 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20598 An Ordinance Concerning Rodents and Prohibitiing the Feeing of Wildlife; Amending Sections 6.005 and 6.015 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Adding a New Section 6.020 7/16/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20597 An Ordinance Concerning Autzen Stadium 7/9/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20596 An Ordinance Concerning Waiving Off-Street Parking Requirements for the Edison Elementary School Site. 6/11/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20595 An Ordinance Concerning Secondary/Accessory Dwellings 6/11/2018 Suspended by By Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals on 11/29/2018
Ord. No. 20594 An Ordinance Concerning Secondary/Accessory Dwellings 6/11/2018 Suspended by By Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals on 11/29/2018
Ord. No. 20593 An Ordinance Concerning the Prohibition of Unlicensed Dogs within the Downtown Core 5/29/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20592 An Ordinance Concerning Housing on Church, Synagogue and Temple Property 5/14/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20591 An Ordinance Concerning Fireworks Restrictions 5/14/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20590 Adopting Council Bill 5183, an Ordinance Concerning Public Passenger Vehicle Services; Amending Sections 3.005 and 3.345 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Providing for an Immediate Effective Date. 4/23/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20589 An Ordinance Adopting Hazardous Substance User Fees for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 2, 2018 2/26/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20588 An Ordinance Providing for Withdrawal of Annexed Properties from the Following Special Districts: the Santa Clara Rural Fire Protection District; Santa Clara Water District; Willakenzie Rural Fire Protection District; River Road Park and Recreation District; River Road Water District; and Zumwalk Rural Fire Protection District 2/26/2018 Codified
Ord. No. 20587 An Ordinance Concerning State Traffic Laws; Amending Section 5.005 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Providing an Effective Date. 10/23/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20586 An Ordinance Amending the West Eugene Enterprise Zone Public Benefit Criteria and Scoring System 7/24/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20585 An Ordinance Establishing the Sufficiency of the Eugene Urban Grwoth Boundary for Purposes of Residential Land Needs by Making a Text Amendment to the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area Genral Plan 7/17/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20584 An Ordinance Establishing the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary, Including an Expansion for Employment, Parks and Schools By: Amending Text and Maps in the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan; Adopting the Envision Eugene Comprehansive Plan, Including Policies for Growth Management Monitoring; Repealing the Eugene Commerical Lands Study; Amending the Public Facilities and Services Plan; Amending the Eugene 2035 Transportation Plan; Adding Sections 9.4150 Through 9.4170 and Sections 9.8070 Through 9.8074 to the Eugene Code, 1971 7/17/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20583 An Ordinance Amending the River Road-Santa Clara Urgan Facilities Plan Test (Applicant, Lane Transit District) 7/10/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20582 An Ordinance Concerning Long Range Transportation 6/26/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20581 Planning 5/22/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20580 An Ordinance to Clarify Eugene May Adopt Aspirational Park Plans 5/22/2017 Codified
Ord. No. 20579 An Ordinance Concerning Protections for Individuals and Adding Sections 2.495 and 2.497 to the Eugene Code, 1971. 3/13/2017 Codified