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The following terms used in sections 2.1400 to 2.1451 shall have the meanings set forth below.

Concession agreement. A contract that authorizes and requires a private entity or individual to promote or sell, for its own business purposes, specified types of goods or services from real property owned or managed by the city, and under which the concessionaire makes payments to the city based, at least in part, on the concessionaire’s revenues or sales. The term “concession agreement” does not include a mere rental agreement, license or lease for the use of premises.

Disposal. Any arrangement for the transfer of property by the city under which the city relinquishes ownership.

Informal solicitation. A solicitation made in accordance with rules adopted by the purchasing agent to a limited number of potential contractors, in which the solicitation agent attempts to obtain at least three quotes or proposals.

Proposal. A binding offer to provide goods, services or public improvements with the understanding that acceptance will depend on the evaluation of factors other than, or in addition to price. A proposal may be made in response to a request for proposals or under an informal solicitation.

Personal services contract. A contract with an individual or group predominantly for services that require special training or certification, skill, technical, creative, professional or communication skills or talents, unique and specialized knowledge, or the exercise of judgment skills, and for which the quality of the service depends on attributes that are unique to the service provider. Such services include, but are not limited to the services of architects, engineers, land surveyors, attorneys, auditors and other licensed professionals, artists, designers, computer programmers, performers, consultants and property managers. The purchasing agent shall have discretion to determine whether additional types of services not specifically mentioned in this paragraph fit within the definition of personal services.

Purchasing agent. The city manager or a designee appointed by the city manager to exercise the authority of the purchasing agent under the city’s public contracting regulations.

Quote. A price offer made in response to an informal or qualified pool solicitation to provide goods, services or public improvements.

Social service provider. Public or private providers of services intended to aid disadvantaged, distressed, or vulnerable persons or groups.

Solicitation. An invitation to one or more potential contractors to submit a bid, proposal, quote, statement of qualifications or letter of interest to the city with respect to a proposed project, procurement or other contracting opportunity. The word “solicitation” also refers to the process by which the city requests, receives and evaluates potential contractors and awards public contracts.

Solicitation agent. With respect to a particular solicitation or contract, the city manager or employee delegated responsibility for conducting the solicitation and awarding the contract.

Surplus property. Personal property owned by the city which is no longer needed for use by the department to which such property has been assigned.

Telecommunication services. Two way switched access and transport of voice communications but does not include: (a) services provided by radio common carrier, (b) one-way transmission of television signals, (c) surveying, (d) private telecommunication networks, or (e) communications of the city which take place on the city’s side of on-premises equipment.

(Section 2.1420 added by Ordinance No. 20341, enacted and effective March 2, 2005; amended by Ordinance No. 20409, enacted May 27, 2008, effective June 30, 2008; Ordinance No. 20542, enacted October 27, 2014, effective November 30, 2014; Ordinance No. 20669, enacted Jun 27, 2022, effective July 30, 2022.)